14 Killer Ideas for App Design

The trends has been changed now entirely. Because everyone is highly dependent of a mobile app. In nutshell, once anyone has need so he looking towards a mobile app to fulfill it.

As the mobile app trend has been set strongly now Worldwide so it is a great opportunity for app Development Company to pick any creative idea and then develop an app to generate the revenue stream like CMOLDS

Idea#1: find the right service or agent who can grocery shop on your behalf with the help of Grocery shopping and delivery service app. At that point bot retailers and shoppers needs Grocery shopping and delivery service app to deliver the groceries to your doorstep.

Idea#2: In worse case the human may need assistance in terms of talk to someone to get convinced against such suicide actions, at that point a suicide control app can be beneficial.

Idea#3: A social shopping app help to connect like minded people to discuss everything related to shopping. This app able users to exchange information about offers, deals, best products to shop, reviews, etc., to help others make informed shopping decisions.

Idea#4: User would like to hire services to your doorstep for any kind of services such as plumbing, repairing, maintenance, mechanic, medical, teaching and everything else through an all all-in-one help application.

Idea#5:  A story writing and sharing app can help to those people who have great stories to tell. So they all can use story writing and sharing app to write a story which can be viewed and even further improved by other users.

Idea#6: App Development Company may design instant party planning and invitation app to make the planning and arrangements for immediate parties within the app.

Idea#7: A fashion designer and shopping app will help you suggest according to the user choice, body, interest, and the occasion with respect to specific clothing designs and styles.

 Idea#8: A unique style social networking app which we help you plan meet-ups along with the integrated an option to find places to meet and/or events to attend.Based on your group’s social preferences it is suggest you new plans.

Idea#9: A restaurant management app can help to    restaurant’s management  to manage mass level of activities such as placing supply orders, maintaining inventory and staff, comparing prices of different items for grocery shopping, etc.

Idea#10: A startup assistance mobile app idea specially designed for startups and new entrepreneurs in order to find answers to common questions related how to starting a new business, how to find new clients, getting investment, business tips and everything else.

Idea#11: You can find some small paid work according to your local area. Just because you are in need of some quick cash and willing to do small works such as  repairing a computer, walking a dog for someone, babysitting, mowing a lawn and other similar tasks.

Idea#12: Without actually having to try it, a hair coloring assistance app will let users see how they’ll look if they try a certain hair color/style.

Idea#13: A review app can be designed where users earn some kind of gift or money when they download/use a newly launched app after write reviews or assign ratings to it.

Idea#14: A unique app can designed to finding team members for a specific project such as developers, writers, designers, and other freelancers and/or professionals in order to join the platform and participate in different projects to earn money.

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