5 Things Every Small-Business Website Design Must Have

Every year we see incredible custom website designs coming into the market each day. You wonder if you can ever get the absolute design for your business or brand and which why you have come to this blog. Ideally, we are not going to focus on elements that people on the internet have discussed over and over again. We are going to share the latest elements that today’s users are expecting to have and your site cannot spare those features.

Element #1: Hero Image

Let’s just not assume that everyone knows your business just the way you know it. On the internet, websites are designed to get the attention and inspire the audience coming with a high expectation of your business. With hero images in the backgrounds in contrast with typography, the first impression can do wonders if applied in the right way. Visit site like Uber, Shopify, and Entrepreneur.

Element #2: Typography & Size

The typography helps visitors to understand your message and your vision, it should not be so complex so tiny to read since you need to be so easy to connect regardless of any device they visit.  Regardless of how expensive or creative image you have set on your site background, ensure the responsiveness to get the ideal size and share of the image to experience the essence of your presence.

Element # 3: Website Menus

If your website visitors are taking too long to click over the menu, there is something that is missing from the bar! Remember, the more comfortable, more refreshing and unique menu you have, the more you are going to attract the audience. If you believe to have the sleekest and the smartest way to give all the best approach to your other site pages is to provide a hamburger menu at the corner.

The image featured above shows how Marie has kept the menus clean and short while keeping the rest of the essential subjects in the hidden menu which eventually boost engagements as well.

Element # 4: Background Video Selection

A custom website design becomes flawless when a relevant video is added to its background. Regardless of how interesting your design is, be it marketing video, introductory video or animated video a lot can be expressed with the convenient way to interact with your audience.

If you are unable to get a lively, attractive video for the site you can ask custom website Design Company to create an animated background that compliments your business personality and website theme.

Elements # 5: Quick Load & Responsive

A customer looks good while paying, not waiting. If a website lags and takes ages to load, clearly it is hurting your business in many ways. Research shows that 47% of site visitors expect your site to load in two seconds. Most websites do load in seconds, but since there are many ways your visitors might be reaching to your website. Make sure that your website design remains flexible and responsive that means that irrespective of any device your site meet it must behave and perform seamlessly.

If you are unable to find affordable custom website design packages, then get the services from renowned custom website design company which offers not only eye-catchy design but also offer quality services for logo design, video animation and much to give a complete look to your business.

By – Jenna Dove | Digital Marketing Executive at Logo Design Valley



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