Email Extractor Software to Export Emails from Multiple Clients

The main focus of the article is that to make it more convenient for the users to switch from one email client to another. This can easily ne achieved with the help of an amazing third party tool i.e Email Extractor MailPro+ Utility. This is the one-stop solution with so many advance feature that works with 20+ email format that are supported by 80+ email applications. Thus, if in case you need to know more about this free Exporter Tool you can continue reading this post & can learn about its features.

Nowadays, in the fast growing arena, the requirements of the users are also increasing at a great pace. As a result of which there are multiple email applications available for the users. If a user face any difficulty while using an email client, then they don’t hesitate to switch their email client and move their email messages to the new application. Although, migrating data from one email client to another is not at all easy as each email application uses different file format for storing the data. Thus, a user need to have an application such as MailPro+ Email Extractor Software using which they can easily extract emails from one client and convert them into other application.

While considering all the requirements of the users, there is this Email Exporter Software which can process 12+ file formats supported by the email clients. This all-in-one tool provides support for almost every popular email client’s file format. Thus, it makes it easy for the users to move their email messages from one email application to other. Moreover, the email extractor software offers users to preview their email data in different viewing options. If any user finds it difficult to transfer the mailbox data, then this software can easily resolve their problem. The following segment explains the advanced features offered by the tool which makes it different from the other available software.

Email Extractor Software – Advanced Features

  • Offers Conversion from Several File Formats – The tool is built using advanced algorithms due to which the users can process 12+ different file types which are supported in 30+ email applications. A list of some of the supported files are PST, EML, MSG, MBX, OST, EDB and many more.
  • Multiple Email Preview Modes – This email extractor software also provides an option to view the email messages stored in the files. The users can read the messages in 9 different viewing options which includes Normal Mail view, Hex View, Attachments view, Message Header view, RTF view, etc. This feature helps users to open and read the emails and ensuring that their entire data is accessible.
  • Convert Emails in 6+ Formats – While using this email conversion utility, users can process several file formats and after having a preview, they can export that data into multiple file formats. Some of the formats include PST, MSG, PDF, EML, HTML, etc.
  • Robust Search Options – Another important feature offered by the Email Extractor tool is the advance search option. While using this feature, the users can filter out important email messages by using the 10+ email searching parameters. The list of parameters include To, From, Subject, Sent Date, etc. This option proves to be useful in forensic point of view.
  • Personalize Export Settings – This feature of the email migration application allows users to customize the export options. These variations include the choice to change the Naming Convention of the output emails such as Subject, Subject + Date, etc. Moreover, there is an option to maintain the folder hierarchy of the output data.


Switching an email client and moving the data to new application is not an easy task as the data conversion can sometimes result in data loss. While considering the requirements of the users in the fast growing world, a proper solution to export emails to different file formats is discussed. The Email Extractor Software enables users to open and convert various files into 6+ file extensions. Moreover, users can also preview the emails in 8+ view options. To ensure the working of the tool, users can first try the demo version of it and then purchase the licensed version of the tool.

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