How blockchain applications fit with healthcare IT?

Critical information is so vital in the healthcare sector. But, unfortunately, the information is stored and scattered over multiple systems and sometimes it becomes difficult to access it when really needed. Present healthcare infrastructure is said to be inadequate in managing and handling information and hence the healthcare sector is looking for an innovative technology to save, share, manage and access the data in a better and flexible way in safe and secure grounds. In this scenario, blockchain technology has gone beyond the usual expectations and innovations and it has transformed the way of treating the healthcare and data together. Here are some of the reasons to incorporate blockchain with healthcare IT.

Eliminates the need of central administrator

The central database of most of the healthcare centers or hospital is a tangible thing. Most of the healthcare businesses save all of the important data in the physical memory of a central or master system and is shared by the staffs through other systems. Any corruption or breakdown with the master system affects the availability of the entire information which can turn to be a severe issue. Moreover, anyone who has access to the master system can corrupt or manipulate the data that are confidential in nature. These threats to information are beautifully solved by blockchain applications in healthcare. Since blockchain gives control and access of information to all of the authorized users in the blockchain, there is no need for a central administrator.

Better control of patient records

Generally, the medical records of the patient including disease registries, treatment records, lab results are stored on different computers. When they are integrated with the blockchain technology, any authorized user can access the complete information related with the patient including ambulatory and inpatient from a common platform to make the proceedings or service much faster and perfect. No manipulation or fraudulent edits can be made in any of the records since the copy of the same is stored on the each of the computers on blockchain and it needs the consent of everyone to make the changes in the stored records.

Automatic claim verification

The transactions on blockchain are recorded on the basis of true validation. This helps a lot in automatic verification of the claims and helps with fast judgment process. Since blockchain removes the presence of a central authority, there will be no or fewer chances of occurring errors and frauds.

Better supply chain management

Blockchain-based contracts help the healthcare organizations in better monitoring of supply demand cycles. Since it gives details on the occurrence of the transaction, whether the contract is successful, delays in contracts, it helps the organizations to keep the smooth flow of supply chain to provide the best services for patients on time.

Investment on blockchain really worth since it takes better control of the healthcare sector year by year. It looks to be a little bit costly in developing the blockchain solutions and to integrate it with existing technology. But, blockchain in healthcare india assures better control of healthcare transaction, the safety of data and better control of records for a period of a lifetime.

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