How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Send Receive Error in Windows OS?

MS Outlook is one of the most widely used e-mail application, which is used for sending and receiving emails both for Personal and business needs. But, sometimes, Microsoft Outlook users notice that when they try to send an email, then Outlook shows some error messages, that will interrupt the sending or receiving of emails to or from the users. In this case, it becomes necessary to deal with root causes of Outlook errors such as send receive error. Because MS Outlook send receive error may create trouble and affect the work continuity. So, users are trying to finding the errors occur in Outlook account. After finding the errors, they will resolve them. Therefore, in this article, we will notify you some most common Outlook errors, bugs, degraded performance and also tell you how to fix Microsoft Outlook send receive error.

How to Get Rid of Send Receive Error Message in Outlook?

As we have seen in the introduction section, MS Outlook send receive error message can cause a huge effect on the proper working of Microsoft Outlook account. There is various error message result in sending receiving error in Outlook. Let us see the various Error messages appearing on the screen and the best solution to resolve Microsoft Outlook send receive error issues. Explore the efficient way to fix broken Outlook PST file and other Outlook account issues using SysTools Outlook PST File Repair Software in the most effective manner. Now let us see 5 Send Receive error and its solutions in MS Outlook account.

1. Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”

When users are trying to send an email from MS Outlook, then sometimes they found a message pop up: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” error message is triggered. The regular reasons for this Outlook pop up message and solution for how to fix Microsoft Outlook send receive error issues are given below.

a). When Outlook Profile is Corrupt

Solution: Fix Outlook Profile Issues

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel
  • Go to Mail >> Mail Setup >> Show Profiles >> Add.
  • Then, create a new Outlook profile
  • Add your email account to it
  • Open Outlook with your new profile & try to send the message again.

b.) If Automatic SMTP Settings are not Picked Up Correctly

Solution: Configure Outgoing SMTP server Settings

  • Go to Tools >> Account Settings
  • Select the Email account that you need to modify >> Edit
  • In Outgoing server >> Insert Server name
  • Go to More setting… >> Outgoing server >> My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication >> Log on Using..
  • Enter the User name and Password
  • Set SMTP port No: 25 >> OK >> Next >> Finish.

2. “Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error 0x8004010F)”

The normal causes for this error message can be corrupted Outlook profile. Try the above solution first. This can be resolved can be following the methods also. Refer the following methods to know how to fix Microsoft Outlook send receive error code 0x8004010f.

a.) Emails are being Saved to the Wrong Location

Solution: If a person is using multiple email account or data files, then it is possible that Outlook saves emails to a wrong location. To resolve this problem, remove Outlook data files from Account Settings >> Data files list and add them back again.

b.) When Outlook Profile is configured incorrectly

Solution: To solve this issue, create a new Outlook profile & add your existing data files to it. (Refer the above method)

3. Sending Reported Outlook Error 0x800CCC80

This MS Outlook error occurs when the user tries to send an email message. It will occur due to the following reasons and follow the solution to fix them efficiently.

a.) Your outgoing mail server settings are incorrect

Solution: Correct Incorrect Server Setting

  • Click on Outlook File >> Account Settings >> your email account
  • Go to More Settings >> Outlook Server
  • Check the option My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication >> Log on to incoming server before sending mail.

4. Task reported Outlook error 0x8004210A

The task reported Outlook error is an another kind of sending and receiving error and know how to fix Microsoft Outlook send receive error effortlessly using manual solutions.

a.) Mail server connection is too slow

Solution: If this problem persists, then you should increase your email server timeout duration.

  • Go to Outlook File >> Account Settings
  • Double-click on the email account >> More Settings >> Advanced >> raise your server timeouts duration.

5. Outlook error code 8: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”

Explore the regular reasons for this proxy error message that can occur on your Microsoft Outlook account. Also, find the solutions:

a.) Windows root certificates are outdated

Solution: To fix this issue, open Windows Update & search for the updates to the Root Certificates list. Now, mark these updates & install them.

b.) You are using a self-signed certificates

Solution: Remove Self Signed Certificates

  • In Microsoft Outlook by default, a self-signed certificate will be added to the Intermediate Certification Authorities. If you want to resolve these sending and receiving error problem in Outlook, then you have to remove it manually and import to the Trusted Authorities list.

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Send Receive Error?

The above shared manual methods are one of the best solutions to fix send receive error in MS Outlook account. However, these techniques might not work at some scenarios, and you may still face issues. There can be issues like major corruptions in the Outlook profile and PST files. Then, you can go for a reliable third-party PST File Recovery tool like SysTools Outlook PST Repair Software to accurately repair damaged PST files without any data loss. Backed by powerful scanning and repair algorithms, this product can easily resolve the Outlook send receive errors and repair corrupted Outlook PST files effortlessly and efficiently.

Summing Up

In this write-up, we have discussed the various send-receive errors encountered by many Outlook users over a period of time. While some errors can be removed by performing simple steps, but others may take a lot of time to get rid of. When nothing else works, the services of competent third-party tools like Outlook PST File Recovery tool know how to fix Microsoft Outlook send receive errors and numerous other problems associated with MS Outlook.

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