How to manage JioSim in JioFi with Your smartphone?

JioFi is the WiFi modem from Reliance Jio communication to create a personal WiFi network in your office or home. JioFi is the best option to make WiFi network and you can connect up to 20 devices at a time and enjoy 4G speed Jio data. This is the perfect device for your small scale offices. JioFi is a small device that helps you to create WiFi network. In JioFi, you have to insert a Jio SIM with a valid data pack. Sine Jio works on the latest technology VoLTE (Voice over long Term Evolution) and RCS (Rich communication services) you will get high speed 4G internet in your personal wifi area.

JioFi allows the users to connect with JioFi up to 20 members. For this, after wifi search by the smartphone, tablet or any other device, you need to input SSID for connecting with It. you can get the SSID from the JioFi device. You can copy the SSID from the inner portion of JioFi. Just remove battery and you can see SSID and input it in the box, and then connect to WiFi.

You can manage the Jio SIM inserted on your JioFi with just an android app installed on your smartphone. You can manage Jio account , send messages, make voice calls, make video calls etc using Jio4GVoice android/iOS app installed on your smartphone. With the Jio4GVoice interface, you can make call, send sms etc.

About Jio4GVoice: Jio4GVoice is one of the popular app by reliance Jio for making HD Video and voice call. Also use Jio4GVoice a a virtual device so that JioSIM inserted on JioFi can be easily manage. Jio4GVoice can be used as a communication app. You can make video calls, voice calls , text chat. Jio4GVoice can be used as an alternative to JioChat app. With JioFi, you can easily convert your 3G smartphone VoLTE enabled. Just configure Jio4GVoice with JioFi device and make video and voice call in high quality in your 3G or 2G (Non-VoLTE) smartphones.

Manage JioSim in JioFi with your smartphone.

First of all. Install Jio4GVoice in your smartphone. Next you need to configure Jio4GVoice with JioFi device. For this, connect successfully JioFi with Jio4GVoice. Now open jio4gvoice app. Next, configure Jio4GVoice with JioFi. In Jio4GVoice , select configure with JioFi. Before, you need to give all the permission. Jio4GVoice will automatically identify the Jio SIM on JioFi. Just select the option. Now next give all the permissions. Now, the app will automatically configure with Jio SIM. Now , you will get an OTP to the registered mobile number. Enter it on when asks. Now, you can send messages, make voice and video calls and manage everything associated with Jio SIM on the device.

You can use JioTv, MyJio, JioChat, JioMusic, JioCinema etc installed on smartphone. Use MyJio to manage all the activities with Jio SIM. Recharge online etc.

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