Learn how to create a blog without knowing how to program

If you run a business, or act as a freelancer in areas such as design, journalism or advertising, you should already know how much online presence is important

Nowadays the content on the internet is very widespread among the most varied public profiles. Therefore, the dissemination of content on the web is important for any type of enterprise.

It is even possible to start online presence only via social networks, however, before a possible growth and even to have more reach of public, also to use a blog becomes more efficient.

The reasons for creating a blog

Once you have a blog, your content is more likely to appear on Google results pages. Especially when you use SEO techniques correctly.

Among the main reasons you have a blog is:

Broaden audience reach

When you have a blog, the content you present is not only restricted to your contacts on social networks. With this, more people will know better what you have to offer.

Financial feedback

Managing a blog will enable you to make a profit from your posts. Imagine making money by being an authority on a subject you dominate and enjoy.

To get the expected profit, you will need to invest in the promotion of your blog. The more people are accessing your content, the more opportunities you will have to generate financial return.

Creating a blog without knowing programming techniques

The chances of making a profit, being a reference in one subject and interacting with several people really are tempting. It’s hard not to want to invest in a blog in the face of such opportunities.

However, just thinking about those sequences of programming codes, in the long hours to adjust videos and images, already beats a desire to give up.

Fortunately, given today’s tools, you do not have to be a great programmer to manage a blog. Currently there are free platforms that make this work as easy as possible.

Thanks to these systems it is possible to customize a blog in no time. Just like posting without any kind of difficulty.

In this case, before you venture into creating a blog, it is worth knowing some of the most recommended platforms for this. These include Word Press and some website creators.

The effectiveness of Word press for your blog

In 2003, Word Press conquered the preference of many users, both novices and experienced people who already have programming skills.

It is a versatile CMS because it fits both for website creation, for managing virtual stores and, of course, for blogging. The benefits of Word Press are:

Intuitive and responsive 

It’s easy to venture into Word Press. It features friendly features that makes it possible to customize a blog in no time.

In addition, it also has responsive design, allowing your blog to be open and viewed on different types of devices, whether mobile or desktop.

This is an important point as more and more people access the internet through smartphones and tablets.

Wide variety of plugins

The plugins consist of additional programs that provide additional features for Word Press. In this case, there are plugins for e-commerce, plugins to optimize images, others to configure comments. The possibilities are many!

However, it’s important to remember that installing too many plugins can slow your blog down and hurt your performance. The ideal is always to choose the most essential.

Word Press Hosting

Website hosting is very important especially when your blog starts to have high traffic.

In this case, there are web hosting companies, such as Brandroot and Weblink, which offer advantageous Word Press hosting plans.

Blogs on site creators

Although it is not your initial purpose, but you can also use a site creator to set up your blog. It can be useful for anyone who already owns a website and wants to complement it with a blog.

Among the advantages of using a site creator is the ease they offer to the user. They are usually easy to operate and allow for quick customization.

Some of the most well-known site creators are:


Zyro is ideal for users who want to start a simple project. It presents interesting layout templates, giving an attractive look to your blog.


It features an excellent image bank and is very easy to use. In addition to blogging, Wix is ​​also suitable for virtual stores.


Faced with the facilities that the current tools offer, the creation of a blog is accessible to anyone. It is not necessary to know how to program.

So there are no more excuses for not having a blog because the tools are there, you just start your blog and invest now in what you like to do. No matter, what industry or niche you have whether you run provide technical support in Maryland or offer a logo design services in Florida, sell any CRM worldwide, just start your blog page now.

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