No More Waiting for Favourite Videos

The Internet has made the world a ‘global village’. But other than worldwide connectivity, it has also made everyone addicted to one more thing that is speed. Everything in the world is provided easy access through online portals which allow even marketing to take place online. Anything which one wishes is just a click away. But this has also led to some downfalls, for instance, the patience of the people is wearing very thin. And the true test of patience is watching a video that one has been looking forward eagerly with the worst quality and with heavy buffering which stops the videos for a minute to show the next five seconds of the video. The heavy buffering even makes the climax scene of the video very unappetizing but there is a solution to that which Vidmate.

Vidmate free download is an app available to anyone with an android mobile which allows its users to download videos from any website. Now, there are many websites and a few apps too which provide as a platform to streamline and host videos such as Dailymotion, Instagram, Metacafe, Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Facebook and so on. But they don’t function well while watching a video if one does not have proper network connectivity. Network connectivity is a  real issue, despite the claims to browse anywhere by all the internet service providers, as it differs on the basis of the location of the individual and the network signal. The best way, then, to assure that watching the video stays uninterrupted is downloading it. Vidmate allows one to download multiple video files together from varying site simultaneously. The latest updated version of 2019 ensures an even smoother download with better downloading speed by utilizing the maximum of one’s internet service provider and added security against any kind of malware software which may accompany the downloading of the video. Their modified security measures have not only provided the phones with protection but also given the consumers with a wider range of videos, even the very latest ones, to surf from and download.

Vidmate is relatively very easy to use and provides the perfect balance of aesthetic and functionality which is ideal for an app. Its customer-friendly nature is evident from the customization they allow to their users while downloading videos which allows them to choose the resolution and extension of their choice. The app also lets the user add passcode on the videos downloaded if they don’t want others to have open access to them while using their phones. One can also watch Live TV streaming while downloading videos in the background, this feature prevents the user from wasting their time while waiting for their desired videos to be downloaded. An apk.version of the application is also available on their website for Vidmate free download which is more convenient as it does not require a Google account for downloading. The app provides its users with better features than the Youtube offline facility as it gives them a wider range of videos to choose from and from multiple websites. Vidmate is a tailored app which has consumer satisfaction as its primary concern.

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