Ways To Generate Email Sign-Ups Using Instagram

An email list is often the best assets that you might get to build for the business. There will be no change in Google algorithm or even in the advertising account ban, which can take the email list right away from you. No matter whatever happens in this current online marketing world, the email list is always going to provide you with a direct line of communication with the people willing to hear from your side. They are the one still interested in buying just from you.

Around 80% of the retail professional might suggest that email is the most significant driver of the customer based retention. About 59% of the B2B market6ers say that email is the most effective form of revenue generating channel. But, that does not mean that you should not diversify ways in which you are building list. At the end of it all, it is always using one channel for building an email list. The growth of the current email list is vulnerable to any changes within that said channel.

On the other hand, diversification needs to be prioritized. One lesser known way of building an email list is by using the Instagram platform. You can always get that idea straight from Gramista anytime. For a whole lot of people, using IG for building email list might sound weird, but it is not that difficult. You can take a look at how IG can be used for building an email list. Some simple tactics can be used to get people on email list along with some advanced approaches.

How the entire process works:

The whole concept of this generating email sign ups with the help of Instagram can feel to be a bit confusing. So, touching this point briefly might help for the first-timers. There are some steps for you to consider for generating email signups with IG.

  • You have to give people a reason to sign up to the email list
  • You have to create or find an ideal audience on IG
  • Next, you have to place a link to the email list in the bio section of the official IG account
  • Then you can ask people to come and join the list

This is mainly a four-part procedure which will allow you to generate signups to email list using Instagram.

Giving people a reason to be on the list:

In a first manner, generating email list sign ups using IG is not different to how you might go about making sign-ups using other mediums. In case you want some people to join you or follow your email list, you should probably give them a reason why. Maybe, one of the easiest ways to persuade people for signing up to an email list is by just offering them something right in exchange for email address.

  • Depending on the kind of business you are associated with, there are mainly three ways to get people signup to the list. You can present discount code, free trial, some information that your target audience might want to consume, and similar such points.
  • Some examples over here might help you big time. If you ever run an e-commerce store, a proper way to get people to sign up to list is by providing them with discounted code.
  • Even though it does not promote any discount code, you can find some examples of e-commerce stores which are promoting “savings” as one reason to sign up for the email list.
  • Another significant sign-up incentive is by letting people know about the discount they will receive on their first order if they sign up. Here, the value proposition is more significant, so the chances are high that this approach will eventually generate better conversions.
  • On the other hand, if you are running SaaS business, you might suggest people to across 14 days free trial in case they sign up to the email list. On the other hand, you can offer to provide with a piece of content.
  • Moreover, if you ever run services businesses, then a part of content might be an excellent way for persuading people to sign up to the email list. For those target audiences, content pieces from Single Grain are quite compelling and might do an excellent job in just generating conversions.

Getting hold of the content creation:

Whenever it is associated with content creation, there are primarily two approaches for you to take. One is when the content provides a complete rundown on a certain topic. Secondly, you have the content which can help people solve or avoid any specified kind of issue. It is always mandatory for you to consider two content pieces as it will allow you to reach out to more people who are in multiple stages of the buyer’s journey.

Building the email list with IG:

Whenever it is associated with making an email list with IG, it is hard to consider what part of the buyer journey the audience might want to be a part of. As you are actually dealing with the full gamut of people while posting to IG profile, it can often be a smart idea to post some content kinds to make the profile relevant to the entire follower base.

By just creating contents which can target multiple stages of the buyer’s journey, it becomes quite easier to market people right on IG who might have dismissed content or profile as they dealt with issues which are not relevant to them. So, allowing you to hold the attention of followers for more extended and improved engagement and longevity of profile is not a difficult task anymore.

Provide a piece of content to reduce bounce rates:

You might want to provide content, which will help to teach people on how they can reduce bounce rate on product pages for Facebook Ad Campaigns. This piece of content is solely focused on problem-solving. It might prove to be quite appealing for the IG followers, who are well aware of the problem and always in search for some solutions.

It is also worth mentioning that people who might sign up to get such content are likely to purchase the same from you. They are further along the current buyer’s journey.

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