WordPress Core as Reference and WordPress Core Files

WordPress Core as Reference

All Functionalities Defined in Every Core File of WordPress are documented as Comments, which usually appear as Header and show the full Summary of Current Core File.

In almost all core files, Inline File is the Inline Documentation to Describe Defined Functionalities. That is, whatever Functionality is in the current file, it is first described as a Comment block, which is as follows:


Short Description

* Long Description
* @package WordPress
* @since version
* @param type $varname Description
* @return type Description

Since every Core File has the same documentation, so we can get the Basic Details of any Function Defined in any Core File.

Short and long descriptions in this document show about the Defined Function in Current Core File that Function will actually satisfy what needs. While the availability of the @version Current Function reveals that the Current Function is included from the version of WordPress in the Core File.

In the Function that is passed in the Data Parameter, that information is obtained from Parameter’s Information @param with the specified information. For example, if the ID Parameter is being used in a Function, then in the Documentation it can be shown as follows:

* @param  int   $ID         ID of the current post ?

As we specify a Function in NetBeans and DreamWeaver, we get the name of the Source File and Basic Description Automatically that function. like:

WordPress Core as Reference

In this diagram we can see that as soon as we type get_h, the list of all the functions that begin with get_ starts appearing in the code hint list. Also we can see that the description of the currently selected function such as the function’s parameters, return values, etc. are also visible to us.

Though description is not shown in DreamWeaver, but currently used Function, which is defined in the wordpress core file, that file is also displayed in DreamWeaver.

However, if we use WPIDE, as shown in the next picture, as soon as we start to write the name of a Core Function, we start to see a list of all the functions that begin with that name in Code Hint. Also, as soon as we select a function, the codex URL of the entire detail and function of that function appears in the top-right side, which click on which we can get the detailed information of that function from WordPress Codes.

WordPress Core Files

There are some such files in WordPress Core, where Defined Functions are used very much. These WordPress API Functions are very useful when developing Custom Theme and Plugin. The general description of some very much used functions is as follows


This file contains WordPress’s main API functions. These Functions are used to interact with WordPress easily.WordPress Core, Themes, Plugins all use Functions specified in this file. To see the documentation of these functions, we can check the wp-includes / functions.php file


There are functions in this file that allow override some of the core API Functions of WordPress, from which we can modify the default Working of some WordPress functions. WordPress loads all the Functions defined in this file after all the plugins are loaded. We can check wp-include / pluggable.php file to see the documentation of these functions.This file contains API Functions related to Create WordPress Plugin. We can check the wp-include / plugin.php file to see the documentation of functions that are required for Plugin Development.


This file contains the API Functions related to processing a Post in WordPress. We can check the wp-include / post.php file to see the documentation of the functions that are required for post processing.


This file contains API Functions related to handling the Categories of Various Posts in WordPress. We can check wp-include / category.php file to see the documentation of the necessary functions related to the Post category.

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